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The best of dog & cat food SCROLL

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Who are we?

A strong brand for the man and his pet friend.

Everyday, your dogs and cats achieve feats: save lives, help men or simply bring you happiness. Because they deserve the best, Everland has developed for your dog and cat a quality nutrition, made from selected ingredients.

Launched in 2001, Everland imagines and conceives recipes full of flavour with the help of animal nutrition experts. Everland’s purpose is to satisfy the dietary needs of your dogs and cats, even the most demanding ones.

Everland’s range of products answers to all nutritional needs of your pets, while respecting the balance of each animal according to its size and breed.

Dog And Cat Playing Together Outdoor.lying On The Back Together.

The reasons you will choose Everland

  • Icon1A 100% “Made in France” Brand
  • Icon2Adapted to each stage of life and different activities
  • Icon3$Developed by nutritionists

Our products

EVERLAND’s food respond to nutritional needs for the well-being and vitality of your pet, which vary according to its age, size, weight and activity. They are suitable for dogs and cats of all breeds.

For dogs
Everland nutrition Nutrio Adult 15kg

NUTRIO Adult Medium & Large

Vitality & muscle maintenance

Muscle maintenance is very important for the dogs of [...]

Everland nutrition Nutrio Adult 10kg

NUTRIO Adult Small & Medium

Vitality & digestive comfort

In adulthood your pet deserves a diet of quality, [...]

Everland nutrition Nutrio Junior


Vitality & growth

Growth is a very important period in your dog’s [...]

Everland nutrition Nutrio Slim



The weight control of your dog is essential for [...]

Everland nutrition Nutrio Senior


Vitality & longevity

After the age of 7, depending on the breed, [...]

Everland nutrition Wolpy Equilibre

WOLPY Equilibre

Moderate activity

WOLPY Equilibre is specially designed for dogs with a [...]

Everland nutrition Wolpy Tonic


Sustained activity

WOLPY Tonic is specially recommended for dogs with a [...]

Everland nutrition Wolpy Soup


Moderate activity

WOLPY Soup recipe was the subject of a special [...]

Everland nutrition Wolpy

WOLPY Chasse

Intense activity

WOLPY Chasse is a food formulated to respond to [...]

Everland nutrition Wolpy Croc


Moderate activity

WOLPY Croc is a food formulated to respond to [...]

For cats
Everland nutrition Nutrio Chat


Vitality & flavour

NUTRIO Chat is a complete feed for cats which [...]

Everland nutrition Chat Sterilise

NUTRIO Chat stérilisé

Light & tasty

NUTRIO Chat Stérilisé is designed to meet the specific [...]

Everland nutrition Nutrio Chaton


Vitality & growth

NUTRIO Chaton addresses the specific needs of the growth [...]

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