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Everland nutrition Nutrio Senior
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For dogs all breeds aged (>7 ans) Trio of high quality ingredients (duck, rice, linseed) Available in package 15 kg


Vitality & longevity

After the age of 7, depending on the breed, your dog will adopt a less active lifestyle, his metabolism will slow down and his nutritional needs will change.

NUTRIO Senior is intended for dogs of all breeds aged seven years or older. This feed provides your pet with the essential ingredients for its vitality and longevity, allowances of EPA and DHA fatty acids keep the joints in good conditions , and the blend of fibres assists with the good regulation of intestinal transit for maximum digestive comfort.

Nutritional properties

  • Protein : 25 %
  • Fats : 14 %
  • Energy/kg : 3 750 Kcal d’EM
  • Crude fiber : 2,5 %
  • Crude ash : 7,5 %
  • Calcium : 1,5 %
  • Phosphorus : 1,1 %
  • Vitamin A/kg : 15 600 UI
  • Vitamin D3/kg : 1 200 UI
  • Vitamin E/kg : 470 mg


Dehydrated duck protein (14 %), rice (14 %), maize, precooked maize flake, dehydrated poultry protein, maize germ, poultry fats, toasted linseed (4 %), dried beet pulp, , brewer’s yeast, wheat middlings, hydrolysate animal protein, fish protein concentrate, minerals, dehydrated chicory pulp, yeast walls extract.



Always make sure your dog has plenty of fresh water.

Serve the amounts indicated in the table below.

Allow a transitional period of one week between the previous food and NUTRIO Senior.